The Future of Mobile Sports Betting and Other Online Gaming
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The Future of Mobile Sports Betting and Other Online Gaming
Posted on 03-02-2011 à 06:22:50
While Ladbrokes has been celebrating its increase in their mobile betting bottom line due to the World Cup, a recent mobile betting report tells us that even emerging markets such as China have adopted a mobile lottery service. The US is also apparently set to go mobile with its lottery ticket sales and they will be using a similar service to the Chinese. The reason for both of these upgrades to "mobile" is apparently due to a world-wide slump in lottery ticket sales, in particular from the more traditional market places. Local governments are therefore very keen to explore alternative measures through which ticket sales may take place.

Apple has become one of the most popular smartphones around, but apparently this is all changing and not only users but service providers are also opting for the browser-based approach. Although Apple is now allowing gambling apps to be sold from the App Store there are a variety of restrictions, such as Geo-locking and the fact that a gambling app make take up to 6 weeks to be approved. There is also a cost factor involved in that browser based applications may be downloaded at the betting, casino, poker or bingo site and this is at absolutely no cost to the new user. There is a number of online casinos and sports betting operators which have launched Apple applications, however we are seeing more of a trend towards the Android operating system.

While mobile gambling has been seen to have a bright future for quite a long time, it is the take-up by users that has grown in very small increments. This is all changing as the smartphone takes over from other mobile phones and even performs many of the functions of a PC or laptop. Online gambling has proved to be a recession-proof industry and clients seem to be more than ready now to take it mobile. Even with poor economic conditions world-wide, marginal reductions in the size of wagers is being seen, with very little difference in the overall gambling appetite. Mobile betting and other gambling services are convenient and user friendly, which enables them to feed this appetite.

There is talk in industry circles that by the year 2012, mobile gambling and sports betting in particular will be generating in excess of $1 billion annually. During 2008, small as the overall numbers were – in excess of 75% of these numbers was made up of sports betting over mobile handsets. The advantages are many, in particular as many sports bets are in play bets. The gambler can switch on his television, watch the game in action and place his bet how he sees the game playing out, until the betting closes.

As far as mobile online casino applications are concerned, this sector of the industry is not simple to gauge. Many players want as close to the "casino floor" experience as they can possibly get and mobile casino play may not be engaging enough. However only time will tell and patience in terms of the mobile industry is what online casinos seem to do best. They have been watching, waiting and hoping for years.

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